Several years ago, Spring 2016, a rather disturbing event took place at a US Military base in Afghanistan involving a decorated Green Beret protecting a child, triggering the scandalous result of his being involuntarily discharged from the Military. The mother of a 12 year old Afghan boy appealed for help when her son had been chained to his bed by an Afghan police commander being trained on the base, for the purpose of beating and raping him at will. While confronting the Commander, Sgt. Martland was rightfully outraged and became incensed when he admitted his ongoing sexual molestation of the young village boy, and simply laughed off the matter. Fed up with his brutal physical and sexually abusive actions, and not willing to stand by and allow the child to be hurt any longer, Sgt. Martland intervened on this boy’s behalf, physically throwing the Afghan commander off the Base!

Let me ask you a question…Christian leader, pastor, Christian parent…wouldn’t you have taken the same stand as Sgt. Martland if that were your child, or any child for that matter? Wouldn’t you have been moved to take action? I will not allow you to physically and sexually abuse this child! YOU WILL NOT! And yet…our children throughout the Public School system Nationwide are chained to their desks by public school moral and spiritual “child molesters,” where they are being repeatedly morally and spiritually battered, bruised, and raped at will! [Read article Children Under Siege II:]  The appalling truth is…this is the prevailing atmosphere throughout our Public School system! An ever increasing number of school districts Nationwide are adopting and implementing a radical, graphic, and hideously perverse LGBTQ-laced “comprehensive sexuality” curriculum in grades K-12!

Schools have become indoctrination centers, where children are being brainwashed and poisoned with LGBT concepts and behavior that are morally and spiritually vile, repulsive, and filthy…perverse and an abomination in the sight of our God! School Administrators and teachers are literally utilizing hard-core pornography to teach young children the disgusting sex practices of the LGBT community. [Read documentation provided by pro-family organization Mass Resistance in their article entitled Colorado District Leads Middle School Students to Sexually Depraved Material and X-rated Pornography:] Their intent is to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism in the minds of the very young, without parents even being made aware of it! It doesn’t really matter whether or not there is a formal LGBT curriculum in place. Children have many spontaneous teachable moments during the day, during which time teachers and administrators supportive of the LGBT ideology use as an opportunity to brainwash, indoctrinate, and poison their minds. Our children are under the influence of those teachers and administrators who openly and unashamedly live a lifestyle that God calls perverse and an abomination in His sight, and where there are many others who openly accept and support LGBT concepts and behavior!

Yes…we “strongly object,” “voice our intense disapproval,” and “wring our hands and lament” about how awful this is…while our children continue to be morally and spiritually abused right before our very eyes! We are not moved to take action to intervene… as was Sgt. Martland…to protect our children from being relentlessly brainwashed, indoctrinated, and poisoned. Why? Would you only just tell these school child abusers that you are going to take them to court? Well you might, and should… but wouldn’t you meanwhile also draw your children to yourself to protect them…to stand between your children and their abusers? Dr. James Dobson, a Christian evangelical psychologist and Founder of Focus on the Family, emphatically stated [May 4, 2016], “Christians [leaders, pastors, parents] have ‘dropped the ball’ when it comes to acting to preserve families and protect children. Our kids are being inundated by evil, and what have we done? We’ve sat around and watched it happen.”

Evil has free reign in our Nation, unhindered now and rampant, and has only, continually, and relentlessly escalated…exponentially. There continues to be a relentless and rapidly escalating deterioration of our society’s moral and spiritual fabric. We are now witnessing an unprecedented Satanic attack against God’s Divine institutions of marriage and family; against our God-ordained physical gender at birth; against the people of God in our Nation; against our Country’s very foundational Constitution! Our families and our children continue to be inundated by evil. And what are Christians doing in response? We continue to stand around and watch it happen! In the vast majority of churches throughout our Nation, nothing has changed to address this relentlessly escalating evil. Our Children’s Sunday School programs are the same today as they have been throughout numerous past generations, with the usual sweet little stories about Jesus the Good Shepherd, and David & Goliath. Our preschool programs are the same today as they have been for generations prior. Please don’t misunderstand… there is nothing wrong with presenting these wonderful Biblical stories to our children! What is wrong is the utter carelessness, complacency, and indifference toward addressing the present day evil our kids are being inundated with! There is an urgent necessity to clearly present to a child’s understanding God’s foundational principles of human life He Himself set forth in Creation through His Divine institutions of marriage, family, and gender. Our children need to know and understand God’s principle of seed, principle of gender, and the defining characteristic of gender. [Read article A Tool To Teach:] It is so simple a child can understand… he is a boy because he has a unique God-given characteristic that only a boy has, and that a girl can NEVER have…a characteristic that is unalterable, unchangeable, and irreversible. And she is a girl because she has a unique God-given characteristic that only a girl has, and that a boy can NEVER have…a characteristic that is unalterable, unchangeable, and irreversible. And they need to know, and understand, that God does not make mistakes. A child born with the physical gender of a boy was intended by God to be a boy…not a girl.

The appalling truth is that even when our church leadership is made aware of the depth of the evil and depravity relentlessly being introduced into our Public School system, and are duly incensed and outraged as their eyes are opened to this reality…oftentimes THEY ARE STILL NOT MOVED TO ACTION! Yes…their mouths express indignation and outrage, but their feet, as in a virtual reality game, have not moved; their feet are still in the same place as before! How is this possible?…and yet that is the unimaginable truth! It is beyond belief! Parents are not being urgently, diligently, warned about the sword already covertly at work in our midst…stealing, killing, and destroying our children morally and spiritually. Even now, continually and unceasingly, this sword is relentlessly stealing their innocence, killing them spiritually, and destroying their morality! And yet, parents are as much in the dark today…after the watchman has sounded the alarm before their leaders and pastors…as they were before the depth of this evil and depravity had been brought to light! This is why I weep and my eyes overflow with tears. No one is near to comfort me, no one to restore my spirit. Our children are destitute, because the enemy has prevailed. [Lam 1:16]

Rev. Tony Evans so accurately put this into perspective at a prayer gathering at the Family Research Council in Washington, DC, the day prior to the 2016 National Day of Prayer. In his prayer lifted up to our Heavenly Father on behalf of all Christians, he acknowledged and confessed our great sin: “We are also saddened by the fact that Your people have contributed greatly to the spiritual apathy that now engulfs us. Our satisfaction in remaining religious without being fully committed to living out the truths of Your Word has caused us to become co-conspirators with the forces of evil that are destroying us as a society. It is for this reason that we personally and collectively repent of our carnality and recommit ourselves to becoming visible and verbal disciples of Jesus Christ. Enable us, by Your Spirit, to no longer be secret agent Christians but rather to publicly declare and live out Your truth in a spirit of love so that You feel welcome in our Country once again.”

Despite Rev. Evans exhortation to awaken out of our spiritual apathy and recommit ourselves to becoming visible and verbal disciples of Jesus Christ…our carelessness, complacency, and indifference continues! Other high-profile Christian leaders have echoed their same alarm and concern. Franklin Graham stated, “We’re living in the most dangerous period of history in our Nation. We’re fighting the war within, the moral war. If Christians don’t stand up now we’re going to lose…and we’re going to lose big. The gay and lesbian movement is basically a lie itself. Less than 2 percent of the American population is gay, but they have been able to convince the vast majority…largely because they’ve gotten into schools…that the behavior is okay. They are forcing the rest of the country [98% of the American population] to accept, and accommodate, their lifestyle.”  Ronnie Floyd, President of the Southern Baptist Convention, in an interview by Todd Starnes on May 13, 2016 regarding the Obama Administration’s unconscionable transgender bathroom edict to Public School districts Nationwide, stated: “It is an outrageous attack on our Creator Himself, upon human sexuality and morality, and a further advancement of the flagrant attack on religious freedom in our culture. Sooner or later we have to determine that enough is enough. It’s not going to change until Christians get involved in this battle.”

There is also a physical apathy, expressed by [Ret] Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, Family Research Council Vice President. In a radio broadcast interview conducted by Todd Starnes on May 22, 2016, he made a very relevant point which underscores how it is possible for less than 2% of our Nation’s population to continually bully into submission the overwhelming majority of Christians in this Nation. “They [LGBT activists] are shrewd; they are very well organized and they are unified…which is something the Church is not. The Church is not unified. Therefore, the Church fights piecemeal battles rather than doing what the LGBT community did in my case. They came together and launched a major attack and they succeeded.” As a retired General, he fully understands what apparently no one else either understands or thinks important.

Our children are under Satanic attack! Marriage, family, and gender are under Satanic attack! The Devil is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short… and children are the target of Satan’s fury! We need to protect children, preserve families, and defend Biblical marriage! We are now at a “Bonhoeffer moment” in our history when there is an extremely urgent need for Christian families across America to be mobilized to stand against the determined efforts of our Nation’s ruling authorities, and our society, to override God’s moral and spiritual precepts set before us in Scripture. The position that 60,000 key signers of the Marriage Pledge [] have taken is clear: We will not obey. We also desperately need a Family Pledge as well [], signed by millions of Christian parents and grandparents willing to actively stand against this ungodly agenda for the sake of their children: We will not allow our children to be morally and spiritually abused. We need one million families…a Family Pledge with one million signatures…who are willing to openly and with all boldness stand steadfast and immovable with Christ! We can no longer remain careless, complacent, and indifferent toward the significance of the present and relentlessly escalating deterioration of our society’s moral and spiritual fabric!

When will enough be enough? It is time to take a stand! It is time to act! It is for this reason and purpose that we propose to inaugurate and set aside a Christian Solidarity Day…a Day of thanksgiving and celebration on which Christian parents Nationwide keep their children home from school to celebrate God’s Divine institutions of marriage, family, and gender. This is a call to Christian parents to get involved and take action…to stand steadfast and immovable with Christ our Lord in a determined resolve to protect the moral and spiritual well-being of children, preserve families, and defend Biblical marriage! Christian Solidarity Day would be aggressively promoted across ALL Christian media; on that Day, multiple millions of children from Christian homes will be absent from the Public School system. We need millions of our children to be absent from public schools on that Day!

The purpose is for this Day to become a launching pad to mobilize one million families, coordinate and focus our efforts, and lay the foundation for relentless action to intervene on behalf of our children to protect their moral and spiritual well-being. Our children are the target of Satan’s fury, whose evil agenda to steal their innocence, kill them spiritually, and destroy their moral values is being ruthlessly and relentlessly implemented through our Nation’s Public School system. We need to stand together before the Lord and demonstrate our determined resolve by taking action in our parental role with our children and grandchildren: We will NOT allow our children to be morally and spiritually abused!

There is an urgency here! If we lose this generation of children, we will have lost it all for all future generations! Our Nation stands at the edge of a great moral abyss. We must ask ourselves…do we stand against the diabolic agenda of our Nation’s ruling authorities and our society to brainwash, indoctrinate, and poison our children…or do we keep the peace and sacrifice our children on the altar of the god of this world?

Please pray about becoming a part of of a remnant of one million families who are willing to pledge allegiance to the Lamb and sign a Family Pledge, united together to affirm our determined resolve to protect our children from an ungodly agenda to morally and spiritually batter, bruise, and poison them: We will not allow our children to be morally and spiritually abused!  Family Pledge:


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