This is why I weep and my eyes overflow with tears.
No one is near to comfort me, no one to restore my spirit.
My children are destitute, because the enemy has prevailed. [Lam 1:16]

This photograph of a five year old boy…an Afghan child war casuality…is a sobering visual representation of what is happening morally and spiritually to our Nation’s school children…as a result of their ongoing ruthless, relentless, moral and spiritual abuse through our Public School system.

Our Nation’s 58 million school children are under Satanic attack! There is a determined agenda to destroy their understanding of God’s foundational principles of Human life set forth in Creation through His Divine institutions of marriage, family, and gender. There is a sword in our midst whose resolute purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy…a sword of unprecedented evil and depravity, intentionally and methodically stealing our children’s innocence, killing them spiritually, and destroying their moral values. And it is a covert sword, deliberately hidden…shrouded in lies, misrepresentations, deceptions, and cover-up. The overwhelming majority of Christian leaders, pastors, and Christian parents… though having a sense that something is really wrong with our Public School system… have no idea whatsoever of the depth of the evil and depravity being unashamedly introduced and implemented in K-12 school curriculums across our Nation. You have no idea!…[read my article on parent website entitled Children Under Siege: ]…because there is a very determined effort on the part of School Boards and Administrators to do this covertly and to keep parents in the dark.

There is an article recently posted, on January 12, 2017, by the pro-family organization Mass Resistance entitled: Colorado district leads middle school students to sexually depraved material and X-rated pornography. They have documented a sample of what parents found on their children’s School District middle school website. This extremely graphic and sexually explicit material is simply hard-core pornography! It is almost mind-numbing; it literally makes people sick with disgust to view it! Even worse… children were given one password to this website, and their parents were given a different password where this material has been omitted! The following is just a sample of what parents found on their children’s middle school website:

  • How to have oral sex; How to have anal sex; How to have vaginal sex.
  • Ideas for erotic sex.
  • Explicit sexuality information.
  • Sexual-themed short stories.
  • “Sex toys” and devices.
  • Homosexual & transgender sex information.
  • Graphic homosexual short stories.
  • BDSM: bondage and sexual sadomasochism.
  • How to join sex-related activist organizations.

Following is a condensed summary of the article posted by Mass Resistance on their website:

  • We’ve often reported on the dramatic influx of “comprehensive sex-ed” into schools across the country in recent years despite vocal outrage by parents. The graphic sexual content and LGBT topics that schools are pushing at students has been very disturbing for some time now, and is getting much worse.
  • Children attending middle schools in the Cherry Creek School District in suburban Denver, CO are now being given access to extremely graphic sexual and homosexual pornography, material encouraging them to become sexually and homosexually active, descriptions of “sex toys,” and much more.
  • The school’s own Internet portal leads kids to obscene, sexually depraved material. These special Internet portals set up for the district’s middle schools (other portals have also been set up for the high schools) do legitimately serve as valuable research and educational resources that include regular library material and appropriate health knowledge, science, and similar topics. However, students are given one password to these portals, and their parents are given a different password. The children have access to extremely graphic, pornographic material included on the School District’s portals through their password to these portals.  But the pornographic material is omitted from the parents’ password access, and is only available through the childrens’ password access! 
  • When the parents presented samples of the pornography and other explicit sexual material found on the students’ portal to school officials and board members (through e-mail exchanges and at meetings) the officials did not deny that it is being made available to the middle school students. They simply did not see a problem with it! And they said that the parents were “breaking school policy” by using the students’ password instead of the parents’ password!
  • Moreover, parents at the Fox Ridge Middle School in that district who have complained and protested have been rebuked, intimidated, and even threatened by school officials…and ignored by elected school board members.

This is all about de-sensitizing young, vulnerable children…without their parents’ knowledge! These are kids in grades 6-8, as young as 11 years old! How bad is it? There is an enormous amount of pornographic material on the site readily available to the students. We have divided it into several categories. All of this is from samples downloaded by Fox Ridge Middle School parents from the school’s web portal, and we’ve logged into the portal and seen it ourselves. (The parents have presented these items to school officials.) You can read the entire article and view the samples downloaded by Fox Ridge Middle School parents for yourselves at:

School Boards of an increasing number of School Districts across the Nation are independently adopting this repulsive LGBT curriculum, blatantly disregarding and overriding the objections of parents. Local school boards are covertly working with LGBT groups [GLSEN, SIECUS, etc.], Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation, and others, to impose a new, radical and graphic LGBT-laced “comprehensive sexuality” curriculum in grades K-12. Much of it is infused with homosexual/transgender ideology, and is almost always followed up by a “transgender bathroom” policy being imposed throughout the school district. The seven-member School Board of the Parkway School District in suburban St. Louis, for example, voted in March, 2016, to implement one of the most radical and graphic LGBT-laced K-12 sexuality programs anywhere to date. The Board overruled the objections of nearly a thousand parents who vehemently objected to this curriculum!

As I looked further into this…it’s far worse than you could ever have imagined! It’s the “recommended resources” for each grade that are actually the underlying heart and basis of the curriculum. They are the source material used to push extreme and graphic sexual and homosexual topics into even the lower elementary grades (as early as 2nd grade and, in some districts, even kindergarten!). One of the underlying foundational books for this curriculum…It’s Perfectly Normal…is one of the most pornographic children’s books ever written [and has been used, unbeknownst to parents, in many elementary schools across the country]! A Power point file of excerpts of sample pages from this book [on the “resource list” for 4th graders and up] can be accessed via the following link to the pro-family Mass Resistance website: Scroll down to where you see a picture of the book, and click on the link “Powerpoint file” to download. Keep in mind that what you are viewing here is being SHOWN AND TAUGHT TO CHILDREN! This book, endorsed by Planned Parenthood, is simply, pornography for children! The book contains a wealth of graphic cartoon pictures of nude teens, kids, adults, in all positions. Homosexual sex is also included as “normal.” The graphic content is so visually abusive that a grown man (my son-in-law) found it erotic. I would not recommend this book for any adult let alone a child. It is indicative of the moral collapse in our culture when a book of this ilk even receives a modicum of praise.

Following are a sampling of questions and observations from incensed parents whose children are being subjected to this radical and pornographic…morally disgusting, repulsive, and filthy...LGBT-laced K-12 “comprehensive sexuality” curriculum being methodically introduced and implemented throughout our Public School system Nationwide:

  • Why do you want my child, in 5th grade, to know that it’s okay for contraception? Tell me why my 7th grade child should learn various ways to have sex… including oral sex, anal sex, and other homosexual sex acts? Tell me why!
  • Why do you want my child in the 4th grade to understand, and to be able to give the correct definition of, erection; intercourse; ejaculation; menstruation; and 12 other related reproductive system words? Why do you want my 9 year old to know and understand about masturbation, homosexuality, or sex acts?
  • Why do you want my 5 year old, in kindergarten, to know about and understand transgenderism…to be given a little picture book called I Am Jazz to follow along as their teacher reads to them the story about a little boy…pictured throughout the book as a little girl…who explains in the unfolding story that although he was born with the body of a boy he is really a girl?
  • Why do you want my 2nd grader…my 7 year old…to be read a book, King & King, about two men who fall in love and marry each other, ending with a picture of them affectionately kissing? This is disgusting and repulsive!
  • Why do you want my young children, from 4th grade on, to be taught these disgusting, repulsive, and lewd concepts and behavior, and to have them graphically illustrated to them using pornographic materials, under the guise of curriculum entitled Family Life and sexual Health? Pornography is destructive and highly addictive for adults; why would you subject my children to this?

Public school in our Nation is no longer what it used to be. The homosexual and transgender “sex-ed” materials now being presented to children in public schools… from elementary grades through high school…are depraved beyond belief, much worse than even a few years ago. In many cases the material would be considered hard-core pornography in any other setting. It is unimaginable that anyone would deliberately do this to children; the stench emanating from their character literally comes straight out of the cesspool! Schools have become indoctrination centers, where children are being brainwashed and poisoned with LGBT concepts and behavior that are morally and spiritually disgusting, repulsive, and filthy…perverse and an abomination in the sight of our God! Our children throughout the Public School system Nationwide are chained to their desks by public school moral and spiritual “child molesters,” where they are being morally and spiritually raped repeatedly, at will! [read article “Children Under Siege” on parent website: ] The appalling truth is…this is the prevailing atmosphere throughout our Public School system; and the vast majority of parents have no idea what is actually going on in their own schools!

A continually increasing number of School Boards and Administrators Nationwide are covertly adopting this new, radical and graphic LGBT-laced “comprehensive sexuality” curriculum in grades K-12, and have a determined agenda to keep parents in the dark concerning what their children are being taught. Even worse…they will intentionally lie about, misrepresent, and cover-up the true nature of their agenda in order to “assure” parents that everything is just fine, and that they “have their children at heart.” Whenever a parent begins to see through this facade and confront them, they resort to frustrating parents concerns by ignoring them and then, when that doesn’t work, angrily intimidating and bullying them into silence and submission.

This new, radical and graphic LGBT-laced “comprehensive sexuality” agenda is well organized, and is being very aggressively…relentlessly…pushed into our schools Nationwide. Following is a condensed summary of observations that consistently emerge wherever this agenda is being actively bullied into acceptance…taken from a recent article posted by the pro-family group Mass Resistance:

  • Horrible Curriculum: School Administrators and teachers are utilizing hard-core pornography to teach young children the disgusting sex practices of the LGBT community. Their intent is to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism in the minds of the very young, without parents even being made aware of it! For example…here is the title of a book taken from a suburban St. Louis district-wide sex-ed curriculum: It’s Perfectly Normal. One of the most pornographic children’s books ever written, it is on the “resource” list for grades as low as Kindergarten! This book has been used in many elementary schools across the country. That same curriculum also included references to multiple sexual partners, abortion counseling for young girls, “gender identity” and “gender expression,” homosexual relationships, sadomasochism, and pornography.
  • Gathered and presented by school staff: This material is gathered and presented by school staff and approved by the superintendent and officials in the system. It is done in a purposeful and methodical manner.
  • Connections to radical groups: The school officials and staff members who put this together invariably have connections to, and work with, some of the most radical LGBT groups in the country known for targeting children, such as GLSEN, Human Rights Campaign, and others such as Planned Parenthood. They often openly collude with these groups for testimony before a vote to approve parts of the curriculum.
  • Bland, misleading labels for the curriculum: It is deceptively sold to parents as “health” and “education.” In Omaha the school board calls it “Human Growth and Development.” In the Missouri district we work with it’s called “Healthy Relationships & Sexual Health Education.” Occasionally, it’s simply slipped in among other subjects. In the Denver, Colorado suburban school district we work with, the sexuality material is included in a “knowledge base” of links in each child’s middle school and high school website account. Children are encouraged to access it at any time, outside of the classroom setting and without any parental supervision!
  • Secrecy, misinformation, confusion, and even threats: When parents try to get more information, or find out who is responsible for this, they are met with hostility by school officials. Officials employ secrecy, confusion and purposeful misinformation. On more than one occasion we’ve seen school officials even threaten those who sought answers.
  • School boards refuse to intervene: This is the most outrageous part. When parents complain to school boards, they ignore parents and refuse to do anything about it. Instead, they will often publicly reiterate their support for the programs! They treat parents like they’re troublemakers. It would appear that the elected school committees have sold out to the special interests!

Parents naively think that elected school board members and school officials are there to serve them. In the public school arena, the needs and well-being of children and their families are skillfully sold as being “most important”…but are, in fact, usually at the bottom of the list. Superintendents and school staff, actually as part of their training, are very adept at manipulating and pressuring elected school board members. We’ve even seen superintendents personally threaten board members who challenge them! Most school board members are more interested in “congeniality” and “appearing important” than making waves. Superintendents and professional staff can easily take advantage of that.
Even more disturbing is that in recent decades the education field has attracted increasingly radical people. This has been fueled by increasingly radical education schools and unions. It is manifested not only in the introduction of sexuality and homosexuality programs, but in the rabid anti-American and anti-Christian curricula rampant in the schools. Moreover, the most radical educators have risen to the top. Thus, in our observation, superintendents and their staffs are often the most ideologically driven radicals, with school principals not far behind. This is not universal, of course, but it is extremely prevalent across the country. Here is a link to the Mass Resistance article: It does not matter whether or not there is a formal LGBT curriculum in place. Children have many spontaneous teachable moments during the day, during which time teachers and administrators supportive of the LGBT ideology use as an opportunity to brainwash, indoctrinate, and poison their minds. Our children are under the influence of those teachers and administrators who openly and unashamedly live a lifestyle that God calls perverse and an abomination in His sight, and where there are many others who openly accept and encourage LGBT concepts and behavior!

Our Nation’s Supreme Court, on June 26, 2015, acted with brazen presumption to overrule the Supreme Being by redefining marriage to include “same-sex” unions. This unconstitutional decision has provided the framework for…and has legitimized what long before had already been set in motion…a relentless LGBT agenda purposing the ultimate destruction of the fundamental character of both marriage and the family unit, and of sexual orientation determined by a person’s God-ordained physical gender at birth. Here are just a few of the mind-boggling ramifications of that ruling:

  • An 8th grade teacher was quoted that she now discusses gay sex with students as explicitly as she desires. She tells the kids…13 year old’s…that lesbians can have vaginal intercourse using sex toys!
  • In Massachusetts, a Federal judge ruled that because “gay marriage” is “legal”, parents have no rights regarding the teaching of homosexual relationships in schools. Schools now actually have a duty to portray homosexual relationships to children as “normal,” despite what parents think or believe; and schools have no obligation to notify parents or let them opt out their children!
  • Literature on same-sex “marriage”…how it is now a normal part of society…is being handed out to school children. It is now included in elementary school curricula… with hostility toward parents who disagree. When parents complained, they were told that the school had no obligation to notify them or allow them to opt their child out!
  • “Gay days” in schools are considered necessary to fight “intolerance” against same-sex relationships. Thousands of high schools and even middle schools across the Nation now hold “Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Days.” School Boards consider it a top priority to combat “homophobia.” Schools not only “celebrate” homosexual marriage, but have moved beyond to promote other behaviors such as cross-dressing and transsexuality.
  • State-funded Commissions on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth, which goes into schools with homosexual and transgender programs and activities for children, includes prominent activists who are transsexuals.
  • School libraries across the state, from elementary school to high school, have also radically changed and now have expanding shelves of books to normalize homosexual behavior and “lifestyle” in the minds of kids, some of them quite explicit and even pornographic. Parents’ complaints are ignored or met with hostility.
  • LGBT activist groups and extremely radical anti-Christian organizations such as the SPLC aggressively work to push its message of hate against conservative and Christian values into schools, police, and other government agencies such as the FBI. A major tool for accomplishing this is their “Teaching Tolerance” magazine, a truly Orwellian publication which purports…in an often subtle but powerfully well-crafted style…that true “tolerance” demands a rejection of traditional religious and cultural values, and acceptance of the leftist ideology. Thousands of copies of “Teaching Tolerance” are sent to schools across America, which are then implemented by leftist teachers.
  • The National LGBT organization “Human Rights Campaign” has developed an aggressive homosexual and transgender elementary school curriculum entitled “Welcoming Schools” that is now being taught in many Texas schools, and is being promoted and pushed into elementary schools Nationwide. It is evil and depraved, far beyond what most parents could ever have even imagined! Some people have called this curriculum “demonic”…and that label certainly would not be inappropriate! A major part of this push involves training teachers how to intimidate conservative teachers into going along with it, and how to undermine, overwhelm, and confuse parents who find out about it and raise objections.
  • The LGBT lobby is quietly but forcefully pushing for laws to allow children as young as 10 years old to “decide” they need psychiatric therapy… without their parents’ knowledge or consent! This has terrifying implications for parents and families! Children are emotionally defenseless and can easily be persuaded by adults that they need this “help” from unknown, agenda-driven mental health professionals. To accommodate these laws, many school-based clinics now offer “behavioral health” services. The LGBT movement and Planned Parenthood have long been placing “youth clinics” inside schools to access children away from parental oversight!
  • Teacher colleges throughout the Nation enforce the LGBT agenda on new educators and administrators. A woman taking courses to get her principal’s certificate at Texas State University was not allowed to complete the certification because she refused to agree with the LGBT agenda. speaker #3.
  • The LGBT movement has had a radical impact on educational institutions Nationwide. Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez, in a pro-family Texas conference, discusses the real-life impact of the LGBT movement and its radical and oppressive curriculum on educational institutions…and how the entire education system becomes subverted by it. Research gets falsified. Professors with traditional values are viciously forced out. speaker #5.
  • There was a rather disturbing article on Fox News Online [July, 2016] from LifeZette entitled “LGBT Crowd Eyes Preschool Children.” A new web series called “Queer Kids Stuff” aimed at preschoolers (yes, you read that right) is now attempting to teach those barely out of diapers what the phrases “gay,” “bisexual,” and “transgender” mean. In the opening minutes of the first show, the host tells a teddy bear, as well as their innocent little viewers, that “gay means love.” “It is easily conceivable that videos such as these will eventually be sanctioned by local school boards and implemented in preschool and pre-kindergarten classes,” said Sean Ryan, communications director of the pro-family organization Mass Resistance. There was once a time when it was unthinkable to even mention the topic of homosexuality in a school setting. Now, there are homosexual, bisexual, and transgender lesson plans for kids as young as kindergarten!

My brothers and sisters in Christ…if these well-documented unconscionable atrocities don’t stir up outrage in you for how our children are being morally and spiritually raped through the Public School system, and ignite a determined resolve to protect your children, nothing will! Pardon the graphic language, but it is the most accurate word to describe what is actually happening, as you have just clearly witnessed in this article!

And we are not incensed and moved to action on behalf of our kids? Aren’t we supposed to take action to defend marriage, preserve families, and protect children? Are we supposed to just sit around complacently and indifferently watching these things happen as our kids are being inundated by evil? Our children are being morally and spiritually abused! Our children are being brainwashed, indoctrinated and poisoned beyond measure with this disgusting, repulsive, filth being relentlessly introduced and implemented… methodically… throughout our Public School system, and the evil is escalating exponentially! Where is the sense of outrage that moves us as Christians beyond mere indignation…where all we do is “strongly object,” “vehemently voice our disapproval,” and “wring our hands and lament” about how awful this is? We verbally express our abhorrence…but all the while, THERE IS NO ACTION! Yes…we file lawsuits; but all the while our children continue to be morally and spiritually raped even while we are still speaking! Why haven’t Christian parents drawn their children under their wings, and stood between these school moral and spiritual child molesters and their children with a determined resolve: We will NOT allow our children to be morally and spiritually abused! Why aren’t we removing our children from this evil environment that purposes to destroy them morally and spiritually, until we can effectively remove this evil from our Public Schools? There is an urgency here…if we lose this generation of children, we will have lost it all for all future generations! All that comes to mind at the moment are the words of Dr. James Dobson: “Christians have ‘dropped the ball’ when it comes to acting to preserve families and protect children. Our kids are being inundated by evil, and what have we done? We’ve sat around and watched it happen.” This is why I weep and my eyes overflow with tears. No one is near to comfort me, no one to restore my spirit. Our children are destitute, because the enemy has prevailed! [Lam 1:16] 

When will enough be enough?  Please pray about becoming a part of a remnant of one million families who are willing to sign a Family Pledge to stand steadfast and immovable with Christ our Lord, united together to affirm our determined resolve to protect the moral and spiritual well-being of our children:  We will not allow our children to be morally and spiritually abused!  Family Pledge:





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