Donations and Support

Preserve Christian Family Ministries, Inc. is a tax exempt IRC Section 501(c)(3) Corporation.  As such, donations to PCF Ministries qualify as tax deductible charitable contributions.

Your financial support of Preserve Christian Family Ministries is accomplished primarily through an initial $15 membership fee, and annual dues of $15 thereafter. Your annual dues of just $15 per year will provide the necessary financial resources enabling us to fulfill our mandate to encourage, exhort, and assist families in this battle for the moral and spiritual well-being of our children.

We also gratefully accept donations; they will greatly enhance our capability to provide for financial support of persons in need, especially whenever a specific threat is launched against their marriage, their family, their freedom to live their lives in accordance with Biblical values, or their Constitutional right of free speech.  Just enter the amount of your gift under “Donations” below.



Annual Dues